Meet the Bilingual Poets and Performers – Podcast 1 – “Bilingual” Authors QueenMah Love and Carolina Major Diaz on Sonic Watermelons

On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, the episode of Sonic Watermelons resembled a soup or stew with THREE guests, 2 hours, and ONE SHOW to hear about bilingual poetry in Rhode Island, Conflict Minerals and Sexual Violence in the Congo, and the women working in both areas. This podcast features QueenMah and Carolina Major Diaz, two poets participating in the Bilingual Poetry Festival in April and May 2012. Listen to live poetry and fiction read on-air and learn more about the festival by listening in.

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Today on BSR (, we start a new, two month series of sharing poetry, narratives, literary art and music on-air through THE VENUSSINGS.COM BILINGUAL POETRY FESTIVAL on Sonic Watermelons. We begin with published authors, Carolina Major Diaz & QueenMah Lovewho will share their words and take us on a journey through their literature and lives. And there is no time like the present to learn and engage in sharing our own stories and the voices of the voiceless as we’ll hear with our second guest, Ali Wolfson, who will join us to talk more about H.R. 7695, a bill that was introduced in the RI Statehouse to end sexual violence and civilian deaths in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that have been linked to overseas mining operations for certain industries.Click here to learn more about the Bilingual Poetry Festival.

Click here to download an info/advocacy sheet on H.R.7695.

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