Ok, ok, so ignore the “appear cool, don’t try to look cute, but it’s morning and I’m tired, but I asked for this picture to be taken, what the hell was I thinking” look on my face for one second and you’ll see…

  1. Everytime I wear this coat, I’m complimented on it. I love it too; it makes anything I wear look more polished. Plus, it more or less fits my busty parts AND it was on sale.
  2. I am going to work but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to rock my army purse with the Afro patch in African colors.
  3. Dude, I love booties (not butts, in this instance, but those short boot things – wait, didn’t they know that word is already taken??!!) but especially buckles on [booties]!!
  4. The scarf is also somewhat new, and like the coat it was a great investment since it kinda fancies up anything I wear it with.
  5. The long black lacy-ish thing is this long cardigan-esque number, which mostly belongs in the closet of Elvira, but which I got thinking that every once in a while I can pull it out/off. Funny thing, though, some big (non-intentional) hole appeared once in the shoulder area, after my only wearing it once or twice (!) so today I closed the hole using bobby pins, since they’re black (instead of silver safety pin).  
  6. About the hair – nothing much to say; been rockin’ it natural for over a decade, many different styles and lengths. The common denominator and, if I could share a tip, the thing you must come to understand if you ever decide to “go natural” is that you better not only accept, but come to embrace what the mainstream calls (unmanageable/unruly/ugly/untamed) frizz. Now, get this, do you know how long it took me to do my hair this morning?  45 seconds!

So anyway, I just thought I’d share in case anyone could relate, needed a new idea, or needed a reminder that there is always room for funk and afrolove in what you’re wearing. And you know what else? When it’s all said and done, I say “take that beauty/fashion industry” cuz even with just my friends alone, I’m pretty sure I just connected with someone about something – stupid look, tired eyes, double chin, super bust and all. 

Sunshine and laughter,
Reza Rites / Venus Sings / Reza Wreckage