The backlash against welfare in America today is not really a backlash against welfare abuse, so much as it is a backlash against compassion in the public sphere. While America is full of those who would police our private morals, there is far too little questioning of societal morals. There is so much injustice in America, and such a conspiracy not to discuss it; and so much suffering, and so much deflection lest we notice. We are told that these problems are secondary, or that it would cost too much to fix them – as though money is what matters most. Greed is considered legitimate now, while brotherly love is not. These are truths no one wants to face.

Marianne Williamson (via ynannarising)


And a lil L-Boogie drops (When it hurts so bad, when it hurts so bad…) Sometimes truth hurts and sometimes hurt is part of the healing. – Rz