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November 2013

Take 5 to Learn More about ‘Writing for Survival’ and Adventures in the World of Reza Rites

newsletter_11.27.13Curious about how to participate in the Writing for Survival Workshop Series that starts this Sunday? Looking for original greeting cards for this holiday season? Not on the Take 5 / Reza Rites newsletter list but feel you might be missing out?

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The gun “accidentally” went off. The killer is “coincidentally” white. The dead woman is “unfortunately” black. These murders “oddly” keep happening. It’s all an “accident”, a “coincidence”, “unfortunate”, like slavery & Jim Crow & the KKK & the prison industrial complex & racist drug laws & police brutality.

Remi Kanazi (via gloomy-black-girl-blogging)



so many shots fired rofl


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