When the Hustle Beats the Holiday:
The AmbitiousBlackFeminist Guide to Working Thru the Holidays

PROVIDENCE, RI – 2013 is on it’s way out, 2014 is on it’s way in, and your girl, Reza Rites – the #AmbitiousBlackFeminist – has a lot to do when I look in both directions. The thing about Tumblr that I find so great is the way it helps me get through these details and mini-stories quickly – and gives me tools like photos/collages to help me help you understand (lol).

So for instance, I’ve got…

  • The final session in my four week “Writing for Survival” workshop series happening tomorrow, Sunday, December 29 at Brooklyn Coffee Teahouse in Providence at 3:30 PM. 
  • I’ve got issue 3 of #3amblack to finalize, more to do with developing her digital space, and more versions of the greeting cards to design and produce. 
  • I’ve got performances and contest deadlines coming up as soon as January 2nd where I’ll be submitting/sharing my poetry. One event will take place at RI School of Design as part of their tribute and series of events to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The next edition of Venus Sings Radio on WRIU, like the most recent one I did, is happening on a Tuesday from 1-3 PM instead of on Saturday. Catch me on New Years Eve, Tuesday, January 31, on 90.3 FM and streaming through links found on www.wriu.org.
  • Me and my team (including Jose Ramirez and Deejay Kellan) are also holding it down over on Brown Student and Community Radio with our show, Sonic Watermelons. Now it’s even easier to follow the program through our new page on Facebook.

I hope to see some familiar faces and make new friends, and I hope you’ll reach out and say hello – here on my AmbitiousBlackFeminist blog on Tumblr, on my music/arts/culture blog, VenusSings.com, or on FB (@rezaclif, @3amblack, @sonicwatermelons), Twitter (@rezaclif) and Instagram (@3amblack).  

Sunshine and laughter,
Reza Rites / Venus Sings / Reza Wreckage 
The #AmbitiousBlackFeminist