EPIC moment during the awesome #BlackFemMusic conversation that I was one of the contributors to yesterday. @FeministaJones shoutout Missy’s contribution to Black feminism through music and @MissyElliott herself responds? Goodness; awesome! 

Missy Elliott’s music was CRITICAL to my high school and college years. She definitely is on the “coming of age” Black woman empowerment soundtrack that resides in my heart and ears. Her messages of self-esteem, subverting Eurocentric beauty norms, confidence, creativity, joy, pain, reflection, sexual agency, choice and pleasure and so much more are everything. Her work with Timbaland and the late beautiful and talented Aaliyah is everything. But even off the stage so to speak, Missy has done work. She has a past of being a spokesperson, speaking out against domestic violence, something personal to her childhood experience. Her music has always made me feel not only empowered but really happy. Joy is not antithetical to feminism. I recall some serious dancing to her music in college on the weekends and it was always a blast with my friends who were mostly Black women. 

One thing I really love is that her music seems like it is for any Black woman (and anyone who loves good music) and never made me feel like it hinged on “respectability“ no matter how some fans like her only as an "alternative” or “rejection” of Black women that they do not deem “respectable” enough. She regularly diverted that rigidity and sang/rapped whatever she wanted. Her vision, creativity and influence have a ripple effect not just in Black feminist politics but in music itself.

Her long list of accomplishments speaks for itself and I feel incredibly honored that she noticed our conversation on Black feminism and music and had this exchange with @FeministaJones, who is so awesome herself.

This Missy moment here is just everything to me. Oh and the final image in this series? That’s Missy’s Twitter background image. She’s EVERYTHING.

Wish I had known about this, but alas; sometimes I get to the bus stop a lil late. I share nonetheless :-)