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Click on the image above or here to read my latest e-newsletter, which includes a request – as well as resources to support my ask – that you “Please Share, Tell a Friend” that my ‘Writing for Survival’ Workshops are restarting on Wednesday, January 15, 2014. Tools include a graphic, which can be used as a FB cover (click here), and a full-page flyer (cick here) which you can post on social media, email or print and post. Below is more information about the program.



Writing for Work
Writing for Self
Writing for Survival

Four-Week Writing Workshop Series
Led by Reza C. Clifton (Reza Rites)

Workshop 1:
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
6:30 – 8:30 PM

@Brooklyn Coffee Tea House
209 Douglas Ave.,
Providence, RI

(Dinner included, free parking)

$30 for each/individual class; register/pay in advance here

$100 to pre-register for all 4 classes; register/pay in advance here

Scholarships/discounts are also available;
contact Reza by email at
or by phone at 401-217-9680 for more info.



Wed., January 15 – Workshop/Class 1 –
Intro, Writing Daily, Overcoming Writer’s Block and Working Past Other Obstacles

Wed., January 22 – Workshop/Class 2 –
Writing for Drama and Performance, Writing for Public Speaking

Wed., February 5 – Workshop/Class 3 –
Grant Writing and Writing for Project Management

Wed. February 12 – Workshop/Class 4 –
Sharing Poetry, Essays and Your Brand Online