The significance of hairstyles of several Eritrean Ethnic groups:

Eritrean hairstyles vary depending on things like: Ethnic Group, Age, Marital Status etc. Many hairstyles have a distinct designation whether it be for unmarried women or made by/for people of a specific ethnic group.

The top 3 photo’s are hairstyles from the Tigrinya Ethnic Group and are called Albaso (Albaso Braids), characterized by (traditionally 7) large braids that run to the back of the scalp and then the hair is let loose extending out. Other traditional hairstyles from the Tigrinya ethnic group include Gamme (Gamme braids), small braids braided to the side and/or back and typically worn by unmarried adolescent girls. Also, Segem, Gilbich, Rubbo braids which go directly back on the scalp and are sometimes braided into designs.

The 3rd row of photo’s are traditional braids from the Tigre Ethnic Group. Fegiret and Qedamit are the names of the two most famous Tigre style braids, both being micro-braids going to the nape of the neck. Fegiret braids are characterized by 7 strands separated on each side and brought out to the forehead as seen above. Tigre women also often times wear Gold in their hair, as do Bilen women.

The 4th row of pictures include famous men hairstyles for the Beni-Amer people, a sub-group of the Tigre/Beja (Hedareb) ethnic groups. This hairstyle is famously reffered to as Tiffa characterized by a fluffy Afro crown on top and little dread-like ringlets hanging down.

Finally, the Kunama people who have a unique hair braiding style that includes braids on top, tied into a pony-tail like style on the bottom, adorned with colorful beads, hair-ties and hair embellishments.

Photo Credits: http://kwekudee-tripdownmemorylane.blogspot.com, Lace Hanky photography.