Review, Apply & Share Writing Tips:
“SurviveWritingOnline” Tweet Chat
Screenshots and Wrap-Up, Part I

PROVIDENCE, RI – Last Wednesday, February 12, I held a Tweet Chat to discuss, solicit and offer tips on sharing poetry, essays and brands online. The conversation was offered as part of the Writing for Work, Writing for Self, Writing for Survival workshop series I’ve been holding since the fall of 2013.

In this series of screenshots from the “chat,” participants talked about the differences between Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Tumblr; how to maintain/protect your intellectual property and how to find images and intellectual property that has been posted/uploaded for use by any writer/publisher online creator. 

To scroll through the entire chat, log on to Twitter and type #survivewritingonline into the search field. To learn more about the Writing for Survival series visit

To discuss when/how to bring Writing for Survival to your site/group, contact the series/workshops creator, Reza Clifton. 


Thanks again to everyone who participated, especially video essayist Victor Omoayo.