Venus Sings by Reza Rites


March 2014


To a Friend
by Reza Rites

As we look up at the moon we must never forget that the sun will rise in the morning.

As we watch the snowflakes fall to earth we must never forget the rose that will rise from the ground.

As we close our favorite book we must never forget the millions of stories yet to be written and read.

And as we consider the loss of those we love, we must never forget the gifts they left for us to cherish and continue to uncover.

I join you in saying goodbye to someone who left her mark, and I hold your hand, to walk together, back to the fields of love and appreciation. 

I find death and watching the loved ones of those who’ve gone very difficult to process. I have relied on poetry in the past to help me process my own loss. I wrote this for a friend hoping it would help her, but I share this hoping it might help someone else struggling with a loss.

Confessions of an #AmbitiousBlackFeminist.




You are invited to submit a 1-2 page autobiographical essay or first person creative nonfiction(essays/memoirs) for this anthology .

The aim of Our Black is to create a book comprised of narratives on the Black Experience and the multiplicity of Blackness. The goal of Our Black is to build a collection of narratives that reflect the diverse experiences of Black folk, one which could be used to better understand the complexity, depth, and challenges of Being and living Black.

The book Our Black will be divided into these thematic chapters:

Acceptance and Ambiguous Blackness: Multi-Racial Identity in America
Be A Man: The Burden of Black Masculinity
Binary Minorities: Being Both Black and LGBTQ(IA)
Never Black Enough: Outside the Scope of Legitimate Blackness
The Intersection of Gender and Race: Being a black woman in america
Not Quite African-American: Black immigrants and First generation Americans
Black Self Identity: How Much is Blackness Defined by Whiteness?

If interested please send us an email at ourblackproject[@] for more information and a copy of our writers’ guidelines. We will be accepting submissions until March 1, 2014. —-extended now to the the 31st

Please feel free to share this post as you please. I am truly blessed to be working on a project such as this and I am driven by its potential. With much work and dedication, this can be turned into something phenomenal.

All the best,

zellie imani

Deadline has been extended to March 31st! It’s not to late to submit, please don’t wait! Email for guidelines and share us our experiences!



Oh lord.

oh my god

Yes!! May need to share with my HS students :-)

Breast Cancer Awareness and Women in Music: A Double Dose of Reza on the Radio, Tuesday, March 25, 2014, WRIU and BSR

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TODAY, Tuesday, March 25, 2014
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With special guest, Maya Breuer, discussing Breast Cancer Awareness & Outreach Programming for African American  women in RI and “Tacking the Racial Divide”

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