KINGSTON, RI – Why do I hear the same artists over and over again? Why don’t I hear my community’s issues being discussed and analyzed in the media? Why didn’t I know that s/he was in town or performing?

These are the kinds of questions you hear over and over again – from the people who don’t know about or tune in to WRIU. For those who do tune in, the answers are usually simple:

  • Because you’re not listening to WRIU, where you can hear hip hop, reggae, neosoul, folk, americana, jazz, classical and more.
  • Because you’re not listening to WRIU – a station run by students attending the University of Rhode Island AND community members from all parts of the state – which means local events, important issues and even local/college sports are being discussed at any given moment.
  • Because you’re not listening to WRIU – where DJ’s interact with their listeners through phone calls, the wriu website and DJ-created and driven modes which, in turn, allows producers/hosts to select and announce the events and visitors that matter to listeners.

If you’re already tuned in, then you know that this week is Radiothon, and you know that listener contributions ensure that all of this can continue. If you’re new, then welcome to a space where you actually play a role in what gets heard and discussed on the airwaves. And if you listen to Cosmik Radio, me (Venus Sings), or WRIU, today and this week is the time to do more than just talk the talk; walk the walk and make a donation to WRIU.

Below is more information from the WRIU website. Thanks for your support.

This year, WRIU’s annual fundraiser, Radiothon, runs from Sunday, March 30 through Sunday, April 6.

These eight days will be the one time all year when we take to the air to ask you, our listeners, for financial support.

As always, you should call in during your favorite WRIU program and make your pledge by calling our phone numbers (401) 792-9030 or 1-888-303-WRIU (1-888-303-9748).

While WRIU receives funding from the URI Student Senate to cover most basic day-to-day expenses like office supplies and our telephone bill, that funding does not cover the extensive needs of a radio station.

Your support of the station is necessary for us to continue to bring you the programming you expect and enjoy all year. From these funds we pay for essentials like repairs and maintenance on our transmitter, replacement of broken equipment, and royalty fees and equipment for our webcast.

Not only do we get something valuable out of your (tax-deductible) donation, you benefit as well. Aside from the obvious benefit of the continued existence of one of the largest and most diverse non-commercial radio stations in the country at a time when corporate ownership is at an all time high, we have a great assortment of “thank you” gifts for you!

This year we’re offering many exciting new premiums with the WRIU logo prominently emblazoned upon them.

  • All donors will receive our “basics”, which include a bumper sticker, a pair of beverage coasters, and a pen.
  • Donors giving $25-49.99 will get those basics plus both a water bottle and a 4″x10″ pennant.
  • Donations of $50-74.99 can get you a black long-sleeve T-shirt, along with our basics.
  • If you donate $75-99.99, you’ll receive the basics and a WRIU duffle bag.
  • Donors wishing to give a gift of $100 or more will get one of each item we’re offering: The bumper sticker, coasters, pen, pennant, watter bottle, T-shirt, and duffle bag.

Whether you donate by phone or by web, we appreciate your support!

When you do donate, please remember to get your payment to us as soon as possible. Our mailing address is:

326 Memorial Union
Kingston, RI 02881