Picture 35 Providence-based band members and activists from Extraordinary Rendition Band, who originally planned the march in response to gun violence in Providence, have joined forces with the Rhode Island Young Professionals and Take 5 with Reza Rites to link today’s event with organizers around the country who are rallying on May 22 to “Bring Back Our Girls.”

PROVIDENCE, RI – Following Providence’s 6th Homicide of 2014, the Extraordinary Rendition Band is teaming up with concerned Providence students and families and inviting community members, activists, students, musicians, families, politicians and everyone in between to take part in a ‘Rally for Peace’ on Thursday, May 22nd from 5-7pm. With the addition of RI activists working on the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign (including the Rhode Island Young Professionals – RIYP – and Take 5 with Reza Rites), organizers are gathering for a comprehensive “International Call for Peace.”

“Whether it’s sex trafficking in Nigeria or gun violence here in Providence, families and communities are losing their sons and daughters – all to senseless violence,” said Mary Gwann, a community member active in RI’s Bring Back Our Girls campaign and the Vice President of RIYP. “It’s time to stop the violence and it’s to time to call for peace.”

The demonstration will begin with a meet-up at the steps of the Cranston Street Armory on Parade St followed by a parade through the West End – the neighborhood most recently affected by violence. The rally will be held on the same day as events being held all over the country as part of the #bringbackourgirls efforts for the nearly 300 girls kidnapped last month while at a school in northeastern Nigeria.

It is time to unite as a community and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to violence in Providence, Nigeria and all over the world.


UPDATED 5/22/14: