espalding_boston_may15Life after Esperanza Spalding in Boston, May 16, 2015:
Radio Report on Sonic Watermelons ( and Podcast Coming Soon 

by Reza Corinne Clifton

BOSTON, MA – What happens when you go to what you expect is a jazz concert, but leave having experienced what could be called a rock opera? What’s it like when you anticipate bossa nova, and instead hear hints of Prince, Betty Davis and Parliament Funkadelic?

Tune in to Sonic Watermelons this Tuesday, May 26 to hear “Venus Sings” and “Sonic Watermelons” coverage of the May 16, 2015 Esperanza Spalding concert that was held at Paradise Rock Club in Boston. The report and corresponding podcast will feature contributions from artist and regular Sonic Watermelons contributor Tamara Diaz as well as audio clips from my 2009 “Venus Sings in Spain” interview of Spalding at the annual Jazzaldia Jazz Festival in San Sebastian, Spain.

Tune in live from 7-8 PM this Tuesday during Sonic Watermelons, or keep following to catch the podcast.

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