Venus Sings by Reza Rites


July 2015

If you’ve been followng #rezarites at #digiuri, then you’d know that it’s day five. Yesterday, on day four, there were talks and workshops exploring topics on collective intelligence and participatory culture, digital empathy, and the dangers of cyberviolence in India. Plus a workshop by #3amblack publisher/editor Reza Clifton. I’ve got tips and tools if u want to chat.

It’s day four & Howard Rheingold was an inspiring, engaging & thoughtful speaker. FYI: day three included great statistics on media use and consumption, an explanation of how & why everything is a remix, and introductions and tutorials on tools like screencastomatic, and “mediabreaker”. Ask me about #rezarites at #digiuri if u are interested.

Day two of #rezarites at #digiuri included samples of frameworks for plotting lesson plans that incorporate digital media, sessions to learn about cool tools & programs, & the finalization of teams. Day three starts in less than 60 mins.

During day one at the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, we spent time defining “digital literacy” and finding commonalities. It’s day two and we’re discussing the intersection of inquiry and technology in schools. Follow along, #rezarites and #3amblack at #digiuri.

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