Do you recall experiencing a micro-aggression at school as a Black student?

Aside from getting backhanded comments like “you act/sound/are like the whitest Black kid I know!!” almost every year until high school, I got in trouble multiple times in middle school for telling on this white girl who bullied me over my natural hair until finally my vice principal told me to just straighten my hair so she wouldn’t bully me anymore :///

Same white girl bullied a biracial girl in my class until she cried in like elementary school and when I went to defend her in the principal’s office the principal acted like I was being a nuisance for calling out the white girl’s bullshit. White girl ended up not getting in trouble at all but me and the biracial girl got warnings for “not handling the situation better” ?? We were 9 how the fuck should we have handled it? I had a hard time trusting school authorities after that cause they rarely did anything for me when I needed them.