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April 2016

Intersectional Blogs: Recommendations



Here are some cool blogs that are intersectional in nature (feminist blogs, mental health blogs, social justice blogs etc.). Happy reading! 






Thanks @inclusive-feminists



–Black Hairstyles as a Method of Non-Conformist Active Resistance”.

The original post: here 

I think this is a great topic to meditate on. This brings to mind the idea that many argue that Black hair can be political depending how it’s worn.

What comes to mind when you read this prompt? Can you give examples supporting the prompt?


A short list of mantras for Women of Color



So tumblr user mcharrilennostarr asked me to come up with a list of things to help empower women of color. I took a bit of time to think about it and here’s what I came up with.

  1. I will hold my head high when people expect me to be looking down at my shoes
  2. I do not exist within the confines of your stereotypes
  3. I will fight against the status quo when the status quo alienates me
  4. I will not smile when I do not want to smile
  5. My body is mine and only mine If I share it with you that is a privilege and not a right
  6. I do not exist as your sexual fantasy
  7. I will recognize that those in power will never give me the tools I need to overthrow them. I will find those tools myself.
  8. I will not be your caretaker. Your mother, your mammy, your nanny. You will need to learn to take care of yourself.
  9. I will take care of myself first
  10. I will not listen when I’m told white people and men are more intelligent than I am. They aren’t and I’ll prove it.
  11. When I am tired I will say I’m tired. When I am sad I will say I’m sad. When I am weak I will say I’m weak.
  12. I will love who I want to love
  13. I will laugh in the face of my oppressors when they try to tell me it is me who is oppressing them by daring to speak out against them
  14. Sometimes I may be the damsel in distress. That is a right that I am entitled to. Sometimes I will cry for assistance and expect to be helped. 
  15. I will abandon eurocentric beauty ideals
  16. I am not your one-night-exotic-stand. You say you’re feeling feverish over me? I hope the illness kills you. 
  17. I will not submit to you because you do not own me
  18. I can be feminine if I want to. I can dress how I want to. 
  19. I am always on the team that protects and empowers women of color
  20. Decolonization is a daily struggle. When I feel like I am drowning I will reach out for help from my sisters. When I feel as though I can no longer stand I will ask for a shoulder to lean on. I know that I am not alone. There are millions of women who are standing with me.

Please add to the list if you think of more!

This is my favorite post I’ve ever written 

21. I will not be afraid to live as an artist and I will not be afraid to live artfully.

This made my day earlier.

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