Venus Sings by Reza Rites


April 2017

Why do we sometimes use the tag #teachingisthenewblack? Because the day to day in classrooms – and the students within them – are often super awesome. Take Rachel, the high school student who inspired today’s #nationalpoetrymonth prompt: upside down. Enjoy!

The #poetry prompt was wavy, but the delivery was gravy. Enjoy this #nationalpoetrymonth piece, from 4/20, written by #3amblack Founder and writer #rezarites.

Hi friends, here’s the prompt we used for yesterday’s #nationalpoetrymonth #3amblackpoetry piece. We are still working on today’s prompt and poem, but selections from previous days will be shared soon. Feel free to use this for a poem today or tomorrow (literal or figurative tomorrow), and feel free to share with us if you do, for we are enjoying the process of building community and reading your work.

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