Venus Sings by Reza Rites


September 2017

Hi friends, did you know that #3amblack publisher #rezarites started #gradschool? Probably not because it’s been hard to post and commune. There should be new art and poetry coming soon, but in the meantime, follow her personal Twitter page @rezaclif for her “Captain’s Log” dispatches and study (madness) updates. #teachingisthenewblack

#teachingisthenewblack Summer 2017, #poetry and graphic by #rezarites: It’s hard to show gratitude / When the thanks / Are built on a mountain so high / Made of ascending sediments / Of Distrust / Disdain / And disrespect / Wounds that not only build / Natural monuments / But that harden and mutate / Inside / Like kidney stones / And cancer / But I can because you cared / For me / And massaged my heart…Read more here:

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