One thing about writers: they’re going to write. I don’t just say this based on my own profession and passion projects as a writer. I also say this based on my life as a teacher and mentor, watching the different ways students, peers and colleagues produced pieces of writing. Of course there are those employing bullet point-making and outline filling techniques, but there are also the tape recorder-inspired smartphone users who take time to document ideas and creative moments through audio recordings, or even through videos that may or may not become social media “stories” or Vlogs (video blogs/video podcasts). There are also the cerebral writers who innovate and organize in their mind and determine the transition to text and print when they can “think it through” and there are the contrarians, who use the tension found in critiques and feedback sessions to find their anchor and reset. My proximity to music means I have worked with creators who need a beat or layered series of Pan-African instruments to write songs, and poets who require pain and adversity to launch figurative language loops and linguistic backflips competing only with amusement park twister rides and Simone Biles’ movements in an Olympic match.

I am all of these, and do all of these, and sometimes I integrate my writing with my passion around music, photography, and multimedia art, and with my love of inquiring, exploring, and communing with others. That, friends, is why there is something completely normal about 3 AM IS THE NEW BLACK and me, Reza Rites, releasing two mini-collections of poems. Except..except…that like most writers who share their works, I now exist in a new world, on the other side of the rainbow where I wait to see, hear and build hope around audience reaction – to the love poured into each each letter, line, and placement; into each image, order and ending; and in spite of every moment of doubt, envy or isolation.

Both e-collections – “I’ve Come to Find It Lovely” and “Las Canciones de La Sirena / Siren Song” – will be available for purchase through the end of November, and will be live/available to readers till January 1. Donations of 10 or more dollars will be thanked with a link to “I’ve Come to Find It Lovely” while donations amounting to 50 or more will be thanked with links to both collections. Canciones / Siren Song is a series of poems inspired by the sea, a poetry competition, and the beautiful colors and landscapes seen by Reza during recent trips to Jamaica and Costa Rica. But the water also holds darker stories and lightless corners like the ones that inspired the poem “Slave Ship Sink Deep.”

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Sunshine and laughter. – Reza Rites

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