#3amblackpoetry in July, Week 4, Day 26: Levitate

“We’ve traced the call; it’s coming from inside the house.”

Although this iconic line from a 1979 film, “When a Stranger Calls,” came to me in relation to some recent personal goings-on, I realized in preparing today’s post that it also very much describes the motivations behind what and why many of us create – including me and my motivations. The doldrums of the day-to-day have an appeal to me, as does the notion of finding a daily rhythm that keeps me afloat. And those close to me know that I have certainly tried. Yet no matter what, the call from inside the house pulls me back in, and charges my drive until ideas become written, visions emerge from the dark, emotions so large ooze out the sides of my soul, and/or goals become action steps.

Tonight I planned to write about the tasks I’ve checked off this month. But as I began, I realized I wanted, instead, to levitate toward or continue forging forward with the mundane of completion rather than the earnestness of celebration. You see, the calls from inside the house have become louder and louder over the years, and it feels like I have no other choice than to pick up.

Sunshine and laughter. – Reza Rites

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