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Sharing Bilingual Poetry and Curbing the Use of Conflict Minerals: Sonic Watermelons on BSR, April 4, 2012

THREE guests, 2 hours, and ONE SHOW to hear about bilingual poetry in Rhode Island, Conflict Minerals and Sexual Violence in the Congo, and the women working in both areas…

Sonic Watermelons on BSR
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
6:00-8:00 PM

Hear it live or archived:
Studio phonelines: 401-863-9277

Because the World is a Big Place
With Big Ideas and Lots and Lots of Music

Today on BSR (, we start a new, two month series of sharing poetry, narratives, literary art and music on-air through THE VENUSSINGS.COM BILINGUAL POETRY FESTIVAL on Sonic Watermelons. We begin with published authors, Carolina Major Diaz & QueenMah Love who will share their words and take us on a journey through their literature and lives. And there is no time like the present to learn and engage in sharing our own stories and the voices of the voiceless as we’ll hear with our second guest, Ali Wolfson, who will join us to talk more about H.R. 7695, a bill that was introduced in the RI Statehouse to end sexual violence and civilian deaths in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that have been linked to overseas mining operations for certain industries.

Click here to learn more about the Bilingual Poetry Festival.

Click here to download an info/advocacy sheet on H.R.7695.

Bilingual Poetry Festival (Festival de Poesia Bilingue) Starts TODAY in Providence, Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bilingual Poetry Festival, a digital and interactive event series and poet residency program, starts today in Providence – Wednesday, April 4, 2012. Published authors and Bilingual Poets/Performers-in-Residence, Carolina Major Diaz & QueenMah Love, will read works and launch the digital arm of the festival on;  Festival director, Reza Clifton, produces the online radio show Sonic Watermelons LIVE every Wednesday from 6-8 PM.

PROVIDENCE, RI – Community members in Rhode Island are being invited to celebrate National Poetry Month in April 2012 with an interactive and digital Bilingual Poetry Festival produced by  The aims of the festival are to unite general poetry audiences and multilingual RI residents through the celebration of poetry, music, and literary culture in community and online settings. Participants in the festival will learn about and experience how interacting bi-culturally can become a tool in self-discovery, personal empowerment, political expression, and community building.

Spearheading the Festival Committee is Reza Clifton, who operates and is the founder/producer of a well-received and re-requested Bilingual Poetry Night that she debuted in downtown Providence in the spring of 2011.  Through the development of these Bilingual Poetry Nights, and during the organization of Hispanic Heritage Month activities in Providence in 2011, Clifton began meeting with authors, poets and community organizers about furthering Bilingual Poetry programming and developing a festival.  As a result, a group of published and to-be published talented individuals emerged with the interest, ability and motivation to create spaces to share their work.  The Bilingual Poetry Festival is evidence of their commitment to advancing themselves as literary professionals and to sharing the joys of hearing bilingual and multicultural poetry.

The Festival will begin April 4, 2012 with an interview on Clifton’s weekly online radio show, Sonic Watermelons, which airs on Brown Student and Community Radio.  This will also be the launch of the digital arm of the festival, which entails poets appearing weekly on Sonic Watermelons and blogging on throughout the two-month period.  Bilingual and multicultural poets, authors and bands will also engage in readings, performances, workshops, and talk-back sessions with a variety of different audiences in RI in April and May 2012.  These interactive sessions will take place in schools, restaurants, cafes, art centers, and other community locations, while the incorporation of digital media will allow the Festival to provide an accessible and continuous resource for getting to know the poets (and performers) and hearing their work.

We encourage community members of all ethnicities and backgrounds to join us in this journey to use literature and performing arts to build self-discovery, personal empowerment, political expression, and community-building with youth and adult community members in Providence. A list of performers and a festival schedule will be maintained on, along with blog posts from the resident poets and updates about episodes of Sonic Watermelons.

If you would like more detail about events happening in April and May, if you want to learn more about participating poets and performers, or if you would like to learn about ways to sign up or perform during the festival, email or call 401-217-9680.



  • On Radio/Web: April 4, 11, 18, 25; May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
  • In the Community: April 12, 13, 19, 24, 26, May 3, May 10, May 12


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  • First Featured Poets: Carolina Major Diaz, QueenMah Love
  • Registered Poets: 9
  • Registered bands: 3


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