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I May Move: A New #3amblack and #RezaRites Flick

Sometimes you have something to say. And sometimes it’s time to walk away and move on. But where do you go?

That is one way to describe the newest short film – and question – produced by 3 AM is the New Black and Reza Clifton called “I May Move.” The video features a short poem written by Clifton as well as photographs, drumming and an audio clip from a graduation program honoring adults and teens who completed a community-based Black Studies course on August 14, 2015 in Providence, RI. Clifton served as the graduation speaker, delivering an address she called “Getting the Revolutionary Word Heard.”

Click on the video above, or here, to view the film. Learn more about the class, talk and partners involved by visiting the links provided below.



To learn about, donate to, and read class materials from the DARE Black Studies Program

To read more #3amblack poetry from Reza Clifton

To read the full Washington Post article referenced in the talk

To see the “PVD Black Resistance Zine” produced by the first graduating class of the Fred Hampton Institute for Resistance

To read/follow #3amblack updates and other arts/culture updates

For access to Reza’s “Confessions of an AmbitiousBlackFeminist” blog



Producer/Director: Reza Clifton

Poetry/Graduation Address: Reza Clifton

Photography: Reza Clifton, Fred Hampton Institute for Resistance

Video: Reza Clifton

Music/Drumming: Sidy Maiga, Rachel Nguyen, Marco McWilliams

Additional Thank you’s to: Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE), Rheem Brooks, Marco McWilliams, Cherise Morris, Kabir Olawale Lambo, and Sophia Wright

REMIX! New Social Media and Blogging Workshop Starts Tomorrow, May 7, 2015 at AS220

Hi Friends,

I’m super excited to present a remixed version of my social media/blogging class starting this Thursday, May 7 at 6:30p at the As220 Media Labs in downtown Providence (entrance on Lucie Way).

What’s the difference between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? How do I start a blog and what the heck is Tumblr? What’s the right platform for sharing my talents and skills online? What’s the trick to posting daily?

These are just some of the questions I’ll explore while participants select a platform and implement my compilation of tips and best practices for showcasing art, interests and talents online.

I look forward to seeing some new faces and I hope you’ll help me spread the word.


Sunshine and Laughter,
Reza Rites

Teaching and Learning at As220: Build a Blog Workshop Starts Today

by Reza C. Clifton

PROVIDENCE, RI – It’s good to teach, and it’s good to learn. For me, the two often co-exist and dance together, which is why I’m so excited to be starting up a second, four-week teaching residency at AS220 starting today, Sunday February 1, noon to 1:30pm at the Media Lab at AS220 (click here for more information and to register for class).

I teach different variations of this course – offerings that range from a few minutes up to 4 months – to high school students, adults at public libraries, and professionals and practitioners at national conferences, art gatherings, and company workshops, and have done so for over half nearly a decade. By far, my favorite aspect of teaching and presenting on the topic of online communication tools and techniques is getting to hear people describe their ideas, talents, projects and concepts. Whether it’s a piece of history being uncovered and brought to the public, a unique technique that an artist or artisan is building a brand around, a mother or father whose insight on parenting makes sense to the non-parenting world, or a grassroots group organizing a community around toxins in homes and neighborhoods, I get to hear stories, anecdotes and questions that satisfy my curiosity and I am given early access to important data, trends and movements. Plus hearing a thank you if a tip, idea or recommendation resonates isn’t so bad either.

Apart from hearing awesome stuff (imagine if I’d just said that above), teaching these classes has often given me access to my own tutors and tutorials on social media sites that I’m not using. Pinterest and Snapchat are great examples of two platforms where I simply do not have a login (but maybe someday will). I’ve even learned more about WordPress from students – the site I reference most! It’s a very rewarding feature for me to come in as the teacher, but be treated to at least one round of being a student.

So today the cycle begins again at AS220, arguably one of the most preeminent arts organizations in Providence. I’ll be ready with my prepared lesson book and assignments for the day, because that’s what a teacher does. And I’ll come ready to listen, learn and take notes because that’s what a student does. See you there!


Music Moves TODAY in Warwick and More News: A Look at Today’s Take 5 with Reza Rites E-Newsletter: 6.26.14

Take 5_June 26_2014

Click on the image above to view an online version of today’s Take 5 with Reza Rites E-newsletter. Or click here to view and print the PDF version.

Writing for Survival – Sharing Your Poetry, Essays and Brand Online – Tweet Chat This Wednesday, Feb 12

Writing for Work
Writing for Self
Writing for Survival

Four-week Writing Workshop Series
Led by Reza “Rites” Clifton


Feb 12 tweet chat

(News/updates, February 12, 2014: Video Essayist and Podcaster, Victor Omoayo, Joins February 12 Writing for Survival Tweet Chat. Details below.)

Due to the success of the February 5 Tweet Chat on Grant Writing – and feedback I’ve received about Wed nights being difficult for many folks – the fourth and final class in this round of Writing for Survival Workshops will also be moved to social media.

Join the (free) TWEET CHAT on Sharing Poetry, Essays and Your Brand Online this Wednesday, February 12, 2014 from 6:30-7:30 PM.

To participate in the conversation, and ensure that your questions/comments are seen, use the hashtag #survivewritingonline in every tweet/post. (EXAMPLE: “Get tips on blogging and using social media Wed at 6:30 PM during the #survivewritingonline tweet chat.”)

More information about the Writing for Survival series is below and on Plus more sites coming soon.


February 12, 2014
Writing for Survival

Video Essayist and Podcaster, Victor Omoayo, Joins February 12 Writing for Survival Tweet Chat

PROVIDENCE, RI – The final workshop in the current round of Writing for Work, Writing for Self, Writing for Survival workshops will be held later this evening, but like last week, today’s session has gone digital.

Join the (free) TWEET CHAT happening TODAY, Wednesday, February 12, from 6:30-7:30 PM (EST) with Writing for Survival creator and instructor Reza Clifton PLUS special guest, Victor Omoayo offering tips and addressing inquiries pertaining to how to Share Poetry, Essays and Your Brand Online.

Clifton has been running workshops and informal tutorials on creating and sharing online content for half a decade and started the Writing for Survival series in the fall of 2013. Omoayo, a former intern of Clifton’s who earned his degrees from URI (BA) and Emerson University (MA), is a video “essayist” who critiques and discusses films through video podcasts shared and promoted through Youtube, Twitter and Google Plus.

Clifton moved the fourth/final class to social media after the success of a Tweet Chat she ran on February 5 on the topic of Grant Writing, which she originally moved due to a snowstorm, and after considering feedback she’d received from a number of interested students who expressed that an online format might be easier than face to face on Wednesday nights.

To participate in the conversation, and ensure that your questions/comments are seen, use the hashtag #survivewritingonline in every tweet/post. (EXAMPLE: “Get tips on blogging and using social media Wed at 6:30 PM during the #survivewritingonline tweet chat.”)

More information about the Writing for Survival series, including details coming soon about additional sites offering Clifton’s classes, can/will be found on



TWEET CHAT on Grant Writing TODAY at 6:30, Photography Exhibit Feb 15: Take 5 w. Reza Rites

take 5_Feb 5_2014

Click on the photo or here to view/read today’s newsletter, “TWEET CHAT on Grant Writing TODAY at 6:30, Photography Exhibit Feb 15: Take 5 w. Reza Rites.” To get updates directly by email, click here to sign up for the e-newsletter.

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