Venus Sings by Reza Rites

“I’m catching up on work, on day two, when the sweet sound of a Sade cover suddenly interrupts what is otherwise a band rehearsal featuring selections and stylings not necessarily comparable to Sade. I look up and the band’s guitar member is just riffing on her own, and when I told her I recognized the song, and loved Sade, she started playing another one she knew. I felt more than okay; I felt at home.” That was Day Two at @girlsrockri according to #3amblack Publisher/Editor #rezarites, who recently returned to the organization as Co-Executive Chair.


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Ready to learn a little more? Here’s a second fun fact from and about our new Co-Executive Director Reza Clifton. Are you a dance lover too?

Powerful words. Powerful when originally written / performed / recorded by Nirvana. Powerfully remade recently by @yunamusic. High art. Street art. Critical social discourse. 3 AM IS THE NEW BLACK. #musicmovesreza #rezarites #3amblack #ambitiousblackfeminist #venussings #vanity4themovement #nirvana #collageart

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Hey friends, did you hear Girls Rock! RI officially hired a Co-Executive Director to join and support the work of our fearless leader, Hilary Jones? Reza Clifton is a name known in different parts of the state (country and world!), but do you ever really know everything about a person? To help our community learn more about Reza, we’re taking some time to share some fun facts that even her closest friends might be surprised to know. Wanna know more about our new leader? Leave a question here, and we’ll pass it along.

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