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“Transmutative Tidal Waves” is today’s #3amblackpoetry writing prompt to celebrate #nationalpoetrymonth. Many things come to mind for me when I hear these two terms side by side. We have something we normally think of as destructive next to something related to growth and becoming something new. Oh the possibilities! #rezarites #3amblack #ambitiousblackfeminist #rezaritesandfriends #poetry

Hi friends, heres a #3amblackpoetry Day 21 prompt if you’re writing for #nationalpoetrymonth: “Melodramatic Misanthropy.” Have you already written s piece today? Have you read any poetry you’d recommend? #rezarites #poetry #3amblack

“Jovial Juxtapositions” is today’s #3amblackpoetry prompt for #nationalpoetrymonth. What’s a happy pair of things you’ve enjoyed today? #rezarites #3amblack #ambitiousblackfeminist #poetry #digitalart #naturephotography

“Purveyed Purviews” is today’s #3amblackpoetry prompt for #nationalpoetrymonth, Day 19. What are you reading or writing about today? #rezarites #3amblack #ambitiousblackfeminist #rezaritesandfriends

Hey friends, here’s a Day 18 #3amblackpoetry prompt for #nationalpoetrymonth. Thanks for joining us on this ride.

#rezarites #rezaritesandfriends #3mblack #ambitiousblackfeminist #poetry



























:ddddDDDd’DDd klasszik

this goes to other non black girls as well we see all of you 

You calling out well over 70% of girls on Tumblr


Any girl who’s url ends in Mami/shawty


Stahhhhhhhhhhhp 😭😂

If the their URL has “ghetto”, uses V’s as A’s, or they post they dumbass blog name bolded and underlined on every damn thing they reblog.


But, if a white girl would’ve posted this about a black girl wanting to be white y’all would ask for her head… smh

Can u at least TRY next time 😂

That last comment

Then stop wearing hair that’s not yours 😘

@fluordolescent –  Heidi, don’t do this to yourself, please…

Yo blog filled with light skin girls in bikinis, swimsuits, and undergarments

Yo blog is filled with posts showin stacks of benjamins, but i dont see u stackin

Yo blog is filled with Black rappers, and ONLY Black rappers for fuck sake

Yo blog is filled with people showin off guns and magazines

Yo blog got weed all over the dame page like iite we get, you smoke weed, tf?

Yo blog filled w/ super cars and pics of random cities for the sake of aesthetics

Yo blog basic af Tabitha. This post exposed you, but since you wanna walk right into this mess and act black, let me holla at you real quick, Eleanor.

1) Hair was nowhere brought up until your weak ass comment with a kissy face emoji came along. You ain’t cute, Eliza.

2) Hair has no significance at all. Wigs, weaves, extensions have no importance to any race whatsoever. That’s right, Libby, having straight/wavy/curly hair isn’t exclusive to blackness, whiteness, and any race in between.

3) Hairstyles, however, have significance. Hairstyles such as cornrows, braids, and dreadlocks have cultural significance that is exclusive to Africans. So, if we see yo unseasoned ass wearing cornrows, that cultural appropriation, because the hairstyle doesn’t belong to you and Black people are getting shitted on for wearing cornrows at the same time.

But wait… We can’t have your hairstyle but you can straighten your hair? That’s hypocritical!

No, Annabelle, it’s not. Living in the US, African Americans get discriminated for wearing their African hairstyles. 

1) You can be denied from getting a job because your Black hairstyle is “unprofessional” and looks “unkempt”. What’s crazy is that it’s completely legal. So Black people, especially Black girls, have to wear wigs, relax their hair, or just cut their hair just to get a fuckin’ job.

2) Due to European beauty standards, Black hairstyles isn’t attractive nor desirable… Unless it’s on a White girl. So Black girls have to buy wigs, weaves, and extensions, and relax their hair just to appeal to society’s standards of beauty. But you got nothin’ to worry about, Susan. You benefit from this double standard.

3) It’s called ‘Assimilation’, Rebecca. When Black people have to conform to society’s standards whether to look more appealing to the general public, or look more professional to get a job, by relaxing their hair, and buying weaves n extensions, it’s an assimilation. 

Until society can stop shitting on Black people w/ Black hairstyles and get the same amount of praise that White people get for wearing them, we maybe generous and not mind y’all wearing em. But you see, y’all fucked up! So until that double standard gets dismantled, stay in your fuckin’ lane Dakota.

I live for drags like this.

Go off

With all the black girls bleaching they skin 😩 ok I’ll wait 🤸🏻‍♀️

@lilmizzcuntcake – Oh no Mackenzie, people who run they mouth don’t have to wait.

Do you really know why Black girls bleach their skin? Do you understand how toxic it is to Black girls, and no we’re not just talking applying bleach to your skin, we’re talkin’ mentally and emotionally. Did you know that bleaching or whitening your skin is a GLOBAL thing?? I bet you didn’t, Summer, but wait no longer though, because you’re gonna learn, right fuckin’ now.

1) Again… ASSIMILATION! Look up the word, please. Having White, or light skin, is seen as a desirable and an attractive feature on women in today’s society. This is due to European Beauty Standards. This is literally like hair, except we’re talking about skin tones now!

Anyways, since the world finds Black women to be the least attractive demographic group, compared to White, Hispanic, and Asian women (data which came from Facebook’s dating app), it’s no wonder why Black girls would feel so unloved and so insecure to the point where they have to put their health at risk just to look and feel beautiful.

2) Internalized Racism also plays a part in this. Internalized racism is self-hate for your own race, and/or skin tone. No Black girl wakes up one morning and thinks to themselves: “Hmmm, I should probably bleach my skin so i can look like a White girl…”. Noooo… This happens because of low self-esteem, and hate for oneself, solely because you blame your skin tone for appearing unattractive to society.

As a result of this internal hatred, Black girls may bleach their skin, in hopes of appearing as beautiful as the next light skin girl. But you wouldn’t understand that though… You don’t hear White girls crying in they sleep because “they wish they can be darker in skin tone”. The only women that do that is Black girls; Black girls who hate themselves sooo much, they’d do anything to be lighter, even if it they have to put their health on the line.

2) Let’s talk about the damages this does to Black women. Do you remember Lil Kim? The Black female rapper that brought you hits like “Crush on You” & “How Many Licks”? 


She’s gone through A LOT of abuse from her past relationships, both physical and emotional abuse. She was constantly told that she was undesirable and Lil Kim felt that if she was lighter in skin tone, guys would become more attracted to her… This is the result of people saying that Black girls are unattractive…

This is her now…


Look at her skin tone…

Look at her nose…

She’s still Lil Kim to us, but there’s no denying the fact that she’s visibly broken inside. She has ultimately submitted to the idea that light/white skin is more attractive than black skin, and this is the result of it all.


Let’s not forget that abuse isn’t the only way to convince Black girls that there is something wrong with their skin:

– Black rappers will swear to you they LOVE Black girls, but when you look at their music videos, it’s filled with White/Light skinned girls. 

– Black female models are rarely seen in advertisements and magazines, let alone the fact that Black models make up a very small percentage in the fashion industry that is predominately White.

– Black actresses rarely get any representation in the hollywood business, let alone the fact on how difficult it is for Black actresses to get lead roles.

So imagine living in a world where people told you that dark skin was unattractive, but there’s is a way to fix it… Which brings us to number 3…

3) Whitening Cream… Yes, Alyssa, bleaching your skin isn’t the only option to whiten one’s skin. As a matter of fact, ITS JUST AS BAD, IF NOT WORSE!


Everything you’re about to read comes from the Dark Girls documentary (2011):

– Whitening skin cream has been proven multiple times to cause negative long-term effects, like cancer.

– Whitening skin products is a billion-dollar industry, with sales as high as $43 billion in 2008 – worldwide.

– In countries like, like Korea, Thailand, Dominican Republic, and Ghana, whitening skin cream is one of the most popular cosmetic products on the market.

– In countries around the world, especially in Asia or Africa, Whitening skin cream is commonly advertised in billboards and magazines

– Finally, even though a country, like Thailand, is predominately dark in skin tone, their media is nearly full of their light skin counterparts.

So not only is this issue affecting Black girls, it affects anybody who is dark in skin tone. It’s a global situation where for some reason, “darker is wrong, but lighter is lovely”, but yo pasty Elmer’s glue havin-ass wanna talk shit about Black girls tryna bleach their skin so they can look White, rite????

Now, let me say this one more time for the culture:



I’m here for this shit cause there’s nothing but truth being spoken on this day. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I been thinking a lot about this shit.

People really don’t understand the difference between appropriation and assimilation and try to use assimilation to justify appropriation and actually have no fucking clue how dumb they sound lmfao.

🤣 Now you white hoes is missing now…smh



Well. This quickly turned into a case of…don’t come for me unless I send for you.

And as the ever-constant reminder for WW…

Today’s #3amblackpoetry prompt for #nationalpoetrymonth Is “Matrilineal.” This goes out my mama, and all the mamas, and the mamas’ mamas…


Have you found a piece of yourself that you thought was gone? Are you thinking about how you’ve managed to find peace in all this chaos? Stop wondering and write about it with today’s #3amblackpoetry #nationalpoetrymonth Day 16 prompt: “Ethereal Reclamation.” Enjoy! #3amblack #rezarites #ambitiousblackfeminist #rezaritesandfriends #poetry

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