sonic watermelons 2014

“The world is a big place. With big ideas. And lots and lots of music.”

That is the theme of Sonic Watermelons, a radio show on Brown Student and Community Radio  ( started in 2010 by Reza Clifton (Reza Rites), an award-winning multimedia producer. Another way Clifton explains the show is by highlighting the metaphor:

Well the word sonic is an adjective referring to sound, so that’s why that word is in the title – as a clue that we’re talking about an audio offering. And why watermelons? Watermelons are a big fruit filled with juice and pulp and seeds and goodness. And when you get some, you dive right in biting, slurping and spitting seeds. But watermelons are not endless; the way they’re eaten in many places means that once you get to the rind, you’re done with the slice. So you get a lot of goodness, but only for a limited time. And that’s what we bring every week on Sonic Watermelons – a lot of important topics, critical conversations, and musical pearls – but in a short timeslot.

sonic flyer_summer_2015bsr_emblem

Sonic Watermelons can be heard / streamed live every Tuesday from 7:00-8:00 PM (EST) on BSR, where Clifton is now joined by co-producers Jose Ramirez and Deejay Kellan. To listen live or find archive links (going back to 2010), visit Follow Sonic Watermelons on Facebook @SonicWatermelons or join the conversations on Twitter and IG at #sonicwatermelons.