(June 2020) – This short video is part preview, part online journal, and part bonus clips from my production lab and cutting room floor. In it, I’ve conveyed the different thoughts, words, and movements that came to mind as I prepared for the Campaign Kickoff event being held to announce and lift up the candidacy of Cynthia Mendes. Mendes, whose background includes Cape Verdean and Puerto Rican heritage, is running in the 2020 elections for Senate District 18, East Providence and Pawtucket, RI.

I do not endorse political candidates, but I do support making room for the voices, talents, and leadership of women of color, and I do believe radical change needs to happen in as many spaces as possible. Mendes’ campaign, right now, offers space for people desperately seeking out alternative solutions and next steps in the wake of continued violence against Black and Brown communities, and stubborn forms of oppression threatening lives everyday. #BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName

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