(RI)se to Black: This Woman’s Work
Reza Rites featured in Video:
– > (10:30) – “Erasure” / “Be Sweet”
– > (46:25) – “The Woman is Blue” / “I’m Yellow”
– > (1:02:28) – “I Am Salt Water”

“(RI)se to Black: This Woman’s Work” was a performance produced by Mixed Magic Theatre as part of its line-up of 2021 online offerings; Reza Clifton was among the many featured performers in the March broadcast and release. “The quality of the video, the mood set by the lighting, and the crisp sound all speak to the meticulous detail that went into every step of making this video, and all of that without speaking to the other passionate and heart-captivating talents featured.” – Reza Rites.

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