The Expansiveness and Inclusivity of Art was a keynote speech written by me, Reza “Rites” Clifton to celebrate 25 Years of Art by Nixon Leger. An abbreviated version was delivered on Saturday, July 16, 2022.

In addition to the talk, I captured video snippets during the event, highlighting some of Nixon’s work on display, some of the music shared by Carine Paul and company, and a special moment where Nixon joined Carine and her band, and impressed the crowd with his drumming talents.

Following the event, I wrote a poem dedicated to one of Nixon’s paintings – one I had not seen previously, though I consider myself a big fan. Gazing over and over at the piece, I ended up writing a poem after being inspired by the colors, textures, and lines. The poem is unnamed, for unnamed piece of work by Nixon.

Although the address was shortened, I took an opportunity to type the entire version. To read the full address, click here. To follow Nixon, find him on Instagram [at] nix_on_art.