(July 23, 2021, Reza Clifton) – Many people have found themselves suffering under the weight of the pandemic. From the loss of life that continues to take a toll on communities across the world to the policies related to social isolation and limiting contact, many have experienced mental health crises and fever-pitch levels of cabin-fever. That said, it is also known that a small percentage of folks thrived in some way. Memes about introverts have made the digital rounds carrying data and images projecting lots of truth, but it was more than that. Artists, musicians, and curators have found creative ways to produce and share art and content (think Verzuz battles), while news that will fail to surprise everyone has emerged that many Black Americans are saying they would rather work from home or find alternative work strategies over rejoining teams and personnel groups in office settings. Do you know of any success stories as far as folks working or producing creative content from home?

Here in Providence, RI, the Trinity Repertory Company (@trinity_rep ) stepped up during this time of titular trepidation, to bring innovation in the form of a video series they co-produced with the Providence Public Library (@providencepubliclibrary ) called “America Too: Reckoning and Resilience.” In Episode 4, “It’s Our Health,” the hosts and guests focus on “mental health during the pandemic and the healing power of the arts in our communities” with examples and snapshots including digital art imagery and dance footage from 3 AM IS THE NEW BLACK Publisher/Editor Reza Rites. The link is below if you need some inspiration or affirmation.