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Fam, I didn’t come to Costa Rica for endless adventures. Rather, I came for the tranquility that lives on the other side of the hustle rainbow, if you let it, and to reach my goal of acquiring even just a baby amount of proficiency around surfing. I am keeping things mellow, as a reminder of how to slow my heart rate, and to build muscle memory around staying focused and maintaining joy in times of uncertainty. I’m happy to report that I’ve already made an offering of thanks to the sea, in the form of an earring now decorating “la sirena” – sister to Gaia Gallactica*. FYI: I’ve got one more surf lesson tomorrow if anyone wants to make a last minute give – while taking advantage of a limited time-only collection of #3amblackpoetry. But keep in mind: There is no pressure at all. Instead, picture a circle of love and joy that mirrors double dutch; you can jump in if you want, watch from the side, or keep walking to the destination that is your own.

Sunshine, laughter, y la Pura Vida,
Reza Rites

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*Ask me about “I Am Salt Water” if you need more context.

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Hey fam,
I’m super grateful for all the birthday wishes and donations that have been sent my way. And let me tell you: I did not let you down. My first surf lesson was yesterday (on my actual birthday; we did it!), and I have another one today. Well really I should say we had, and we have, because this trip and this joy is meant to be shared. FYI: my typewriter repairs are done, and I’ll pay and pick it up, for poetry events and public sharing, upon return. There is still time to donate toward additional surf lessons or activities while I’m here in Costa Rica, and funds not applied here will go toward paying for the typewriter repairs. Give if you want, laugh at my audacity if you prefer, but know I claim my right to joy, either way, and I offer it as well. Any gift of ten or more bucks will result in you receiving a limited time-only copy of the #3amblackpoetry collection: “I’ve Come to Find It Lovely” with pieces by me and Dakota Castro.

To my fellow scorpios, remember to sting with love. It is our time, but we must use our powers for good.

Pura Vida and laughter,
Reza Rites

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Hi friends, no pressure at all if this isn’t resonating, but in case it does…

I’m doing a birthday-inspired digital pass-the-hat campaign for anyone who wants to contribute to me taking surfing lessons* in Costa Rica. For those who saw my recent post – I tried to invite less decadence for my birthday since everything could be refunded or changed, but the universe would have none it. If it sparks your curiosity, please feel free to read my extended ask, and manifesto, declaring my comfort seeking support for joy and restoration on my @3amblack accounts. Or…

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Direct Message me across Social Media platforms for the Venmo and/or CashApp links

* Ok, ok – maybe towards an excursion or different activity, or maybe toward a meal

#rezarites #3amblackpoetry #ambitiousblalckfeminist #3amblack #carefreeblackgirl #blackboyjoy #blackgirlmagic #joyisthemovement #nationalpoetrymonth #poetry

Poetry Collection Available, Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica:
A Digital Pass the Hat Campaign for Reza Rites
November 4-11, 2021

Hi friends,

I’m selling a short, #3mblackpoetry collection as part of a mini-crowdsourcing campaign I’ve designed to help fund surfing lessons* in Costa Rica for my November 7 birthday.

Yes, you heard that right: I’m conducting a limited-time only, “digital pass the hat” to support a birthday trip centered around Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica.

Now to be clear, all of this makes me nervous. No, not the part about traveling outside of the US alone, as a single woman. No, not the part about realizing that my Spanish proficiency levels vary depending on the topic of conversation. And no, not the part about the different ways that Covid 19 has affected international travel and reentry to the US.

Instead, I’m nervous about this part: sharing a post about my unbridled attempts at seeking joy, and the vulnerability behind asking for help. “People do GoFund Me’s all the time” some have reminded me. And for two decades I’ve tried to examine and spotlight the pursuit of joy in the face of communities with narratives and historical truths that could live in misery and oppression for it not the active choice of embodying, broadcasting and disseminating stories highlighting #BlackGirlMagic, #BlackBoyJoy and the #CarefreeBlackGirl. Why is this different? In fact it’s not.

If I may also borrow from The Nap Ministry, and the hashtags noted above: I booked a trip to Costa Rica because I’m tired, and I’m sick of bottling up my joy, or hindering it out of fear of the unknown, and due to dripping and overflowing levels of sensitivity toward others at a time when I need some, too. I am exhausted from walking with the weight of Black womanhood on my shoulders. I am sick from constantly having to choose between humanity vs paycheck, integrity vs isolation, duty vs imagination, compassion vs validation. And I am ready to reactivate nuclei of joy that lay dormant in my soul.

Know this: the flight, the lodging, the airport transportation – all of these items are booked. At a time when my nervousness was low, I booked these items before my skepticism could reach fever-pitch volumes, although I ensured everything was refundable. And even now, I have my doubts concerning whether this part plea-part essay will yield any results. But one thing I learned over Covid is that people need to see examples of unburdened self-love and devotion to joy. It was a message that rang loud and clear with every dance video I posted through stay-at-home orders, and the feedback I continue to receive when sharing moments of movement and culinary experimentation through my social media stories. It is also the warmth and pride I feel when catching glimpses of friends and complete strangers brave enough to venture into the waters of happiness. I, too, am ready to swim again. (I am Salt Water. Praise Gaia Gallactica)

So as nervous as I am, I come here to share my truth, and to ask for your assistance in this endeavor. However, I don’t come empty-handed; as I shared above, I have produced a special, limited-time only book/zine/collection of poems to share with anyone who gives 10 bucks or higher; one prize, no matter the donation (at or above ten). If you give 50 or above, I will share an additional collection of poems and/or write an exclusive one just for you or a loved one. Funds not applied toward Costa Rica will be put toward the cost of repairing the typewriter I use for writing poems in community settings, toward printing copies of the limited edition zine, and/or as seed money toward programming and publishing I have planned for National Poetry Month 2022.

As far as today’s offer: “I’ve Come to Find It Lovely: Poems Inspired by Color and Art” is a collection that inspires a certain sense of whimsy and sweet nostalgia – the same feelings many of us reach or aim for when seeking joy. I hope some of you will make a donation because you’ve consumed some #3amblackpoetry previously and care very little about how funds collected are used; that is, you just want to read more. And I hope, for those who see your own joy reflected when I share mine, you will reach into this same place as you imagine me surfing, with the added bonus of a few poems that you’ll also get in the process. Give if you want or can. Keep scrolling if you can’t or won’t.

My trip may be refundable, but time spent worrying, instead of pursuing restoration, joy and la pura vida is not. Thank you for your support, positive vibes, and/or collaborative energy.

Sunshine, laughter, and rolling coastlines,

Reza Rites

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Direct Message me across Social Media platforms for the Venmo and/or CashApp links

* Ok, ok – maybe towards an excursion or different activity, or maybe toward a meal

Post 27, Write Here

#3amblackpoetry in July (August)
Post 27: Write Here
Post 27, 2020: Dichotomous Dictums

#3amblackpoetry in July? On August 1?! As I said in yesterday’s #3amblackpoetry in July post, a promise is a promise, and I promised myself I’d hit 30 posts and 30 days of writing activities in/for July. With this being 27, there are only 3 more left, and I’m not giving up just because publishing the remaining posts don’t align with Western, linear concepts of time. No matter how many instances I appear to comply, know that there is no external clock or calendar determining my destiny; I set, stop, and reset the stopwatch of my life. Now, call this cocky, call this bravado, or call it presumptuous, but I articulate this otherwise private belief because it mirrors my approach to writing, and reminds me of today’s prompt: “Write Here.”

I know that in previous posts I’ve urged and shared reminders to stop second-guessing oneself while in the middle of writing – or before even starting. But like the tips I share with other teachers and community organizers, I want to make sure I include not just the negative framing (don’t do this, stop doing this), but also the affirmative and action-centric framing (do this, try this, include this)? “Write here” is one solution or strategy of mine – and somewhat of a mantra. Where are you jotting your notes? They can be anywhere and everywhere, but they should be somewhere! Are you reacting to something or overflowing with some kind of sentiment? Is your cellphone with notes app handy so can you jot it down there, or can you compose an email draft? Yes, the brain is a powerful and often reliable place to store information, but somehow the fingertips are too!

However, I don’t just want to talk about process; I want to elaborate a little on the topic of content and idea generation. More specifically, I need you to stop erasing ideas and first sentences. I’m not saying don’t proofread or edit; what I am saying is that where something goes, how wide something reaches, and writing “The End” simply cannot happen without staying the course on an idea, word or sentence. 

For inspiration, consider a piece I wrote called “Badly Boujee,” the link for which is included as part of today’s post. Badly Boujee is now also a SONG with beats and engineering by Mike Delick, and lyrics AND VOCALS by me! It all started with the song “Bad and Boujee” and realizing how much I loved the syncopated and staccato-style rapping the performers (Migos and Lil Uzi Vert) display on the track. I mean listening even today, I dig it! One day, during a writing challenge like this, I tapped into my feelings of admiration and decided to write a poem that was partial tribute and partial (respectful) mimicry – embracing the dichotomous dictums that freed me up to not second-guess the presence or source of my zeal (commercial rappers sharing the same type of lyrical content that raises concern for many, as far as women, proximity to crime, etc.). I had no intentions of actually making it a song, but that’s not my point. There wouldn’t be a song, or poem to turn into a song, if I hadn’t tapped into what was inside, and said, “let me go ahead with this idea, and just write here.”

Happy writing y’all!

Badly Boujee

Bad and Boujee

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#3amblackpoetry in July
Post 26: Zest and Zeal
Post 26, 2020: Sedentary Sedition

A challenge is a challenge, but a promise is a promise. And a passion is a passion. Today’s #3amblackpoetry in July prompt, Zest and Zeal, is my reminder to you to embrace joy. If curating memes and sharing gifs are the things you love, openly enjoy the sedentary sedition. If dancing or hiking or yoga does it for you, make time for it. And if you’re writing, find your own way to the kingdom of zest and zeal. Maybe you get a thrill writing and completing drafts quickly, maybe you love writing outlines or character profiles, or maybe you love collaborating with photographers, artists or others during the process; make time for the step you love. A poem I want to share as part of today’s #3amblackpoetry in July post offers a brief meditation on the topic of what it might look like in the long run to include zest and zeal in your life – and to steal moments of sedentary sedition, from time to time, as well. Happy Writing!


#3AmBlackPoetry #NationalPoetryMonth #PoetryInJuly #ChristmasInJuly #RezaRites #3AmBlack #Poetry #AmbitiousBlackFeminist #photography #DigitalArt #collage #CollageArt #CarefreeBlackGirl #BlackGirlMagic #BlackWriters #AfroFuturism #BlackWomenWriters #BlackWritersMatter #WomenWritersOfIG

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