About Reza Corinne Clifton,
(aka) Reza Rites / Venus Sings / Reza Wreckage


Reza Clifton (“Reza Rites”) is a writer, artist, educator, and cultural savant from Providence, RI. She brings all these things together by using traditional and new media tools to teach and tell stories, and to explore and celebrate the African Diaspora, women, and other marginalized and/or oft-oppressed groups and communities of color. Topics that often appear in Reza’s work include racial and social justice, feminism, radical self-care and holistic healing, love, and what Reza calls the bountiful beauty of nature. She launched VenusSings.com when she DJ’d professionally, and while serving as producer of radio shows on WRIU (wriu.org) and BSR (bsrlive.com); today it house and catalogs links to Reza’s various creative writing projects and multimedia productions. She also blogs on AmbitiousBlackFeminist.com and has an active presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



Reza Clifton, or Reza Rites, is a writer, artist, educator, cultural savant, and experienced broadcaster and multimedia producer from Providence, RI. She has been recognized for digital projects that appeared on her first blog, for radio and podcast programs she’s produced, and for artistic excellence and leadership locally, regionally, and nationally. For example, in 2017 she earned a nomination from Motif magazine for Best Spoken Word Artist in RI, and she shared poetry as part of the global rallies and marches for Women’s Rights in 2017 and 2018. In the early 2000s, Reza’s work as a community organizer, young leader, and professional blogger earned her accolades across the state of RI including a Metcalf Diversity in the Media Award. In addition, RI PBS, The Providence Journal, RI’s Public Radio station, Providence Monthly, GoLocalProv, and dozens of other media and trade publications – locally and nationally – have featured Reza, as well as published or broadcast her artistic, scholarly or political advocacy work, dating back to 2001.

As a writer, Reza has been producing poetry, prose and short stories for close to three decades. Her work often explores and celebrates the African Diaspora, communities of color, women, and other marginalized and oft-oppressed groups. She also writes about racial and social justice, feminism, radical self-care and holistic healing, love, and what Reza calls the bountiful beauty of nature. Reza’s creative and professional work has been shaped by her background learning and speaking Spanish at a young age, traveling throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and parts of Europe and North Africa – and studying history, art, migration and political movements from and in these same regions. She has also covered international, national, and hometown festivals, conferences, and artists as a print, radio and multimedia journalist. Her influence can also be seen in her curating and selections as a DJ, often choosing styles and genres born in Black American communities, the Dominican Republic, Cape Verde, Brazil, India, Nigeria, and other corners of the world and the US.

In more recent years, she has blended her love of writing with her videography and multimedia editing skills – and childhood music instruction – to create photographic storytelling, collages, recorded poems, video reels, and performance art pieces meant for theatre and live audiences, gallery and digital exhibitions, and performance-art spaces and presentations. This experimental work has been viewed at venues including the Providence Fringe Festival, the Providence Queer Arts Festival, and at the 2017 Eco Arts Festival held for World Ocean Day, where works presented by Reza included a commissioned piece about the urgency of saving endangered whales. Reza also enjoys sharing her skills as an educator. Dating back to 2008, Reza has worked teaching workforce readiness skills, Creative Writing, and “Digital Media and Multimedia Storytelling,” as well as, more recently, providing instruction as a licensed High School English teacher. You can find current and recent samples of her work digitally through “3 AM is the New Black,” a micro-publishing initiative and series of online spaces Reza created to showcase her art, essays and poems. In addition to the @3amblack social media sites on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, her music blog, VenusSings.com, and her personal blog, AmbitiousBlackFeminist.com, house her 3 AM IS THE NEW BLACK work, and feature archives and samples from her various multimedia projects and artistic collaborations over the years.