Imperfection is what separates us from the monsters that would have us sweat out perfection every time we breathed. I reject perfectionism philosophically, and I sleep with one eye open to track its movement when it enters my sphere. That is why I’m okay with having had to take a day off, yesterday, from building and designing a National Poetry Month prompt for me and those participating with the @3amblack community. I also had to forgive myself for messing up the alphabet. That’s right; I said messing up the alphabet. You see, this year, I decided to run through letters A-Z for inspiration for the daily prompts. While things ran smoothly for the most part, I did need a break, and it was taking that day that gave me just enough distance to see: I skipped right from V to X. So join me in banishing perfectionism, celebrating poetry, and pondering “Winsome Whirlwinds.” Sunshine and laughter. – Reza Rites

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